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This is a call to action to everyone building clients, servers and frameworks for rich Internet applications (RIAs) to improve the life of RIA developers by improving the debugging of backend services RIAs depend on. I’d like to thank the people who’ve offered valuable feedback and additional information that I’ve integrated here. Motivation The relationship of an RIA to its backend is quite different than that of a traditional Web application. In a traditional, dynamic HTML generation Web app, the output stream is under the control of the developer and the application server. Developers can freely mix application output with diagnostic information. By contrast, RIAs have a narrow communication channel with the server, typically using a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Because the output format is typically XML or JSON (and because there are no established stan... (more)

XML in Transit: Encoding Data

I just came back from the first face-to-face meeting of the W3C working group on XML Protocol (is it just me, or is the name somewhat odd-sounding?), and I'm wondering what topics to exclude from this column. Yes, that's right - exclude. Encoding data in XML is a difficult topic for many reasons. First, it's one of those technical subjects in which you need to look at lots of XML instance/schema/DTD snippets. Second, the devil is very much in the details and there are lots of them. Last but not least, there are as many ways to encode data in XML as there are data encoding needs. ... (more)

XMLGUITools: What'stheRightModel?

There was a period around 1999-2000 when anything XML was hyped beyond belief. An XML-centric GUI tool, no matter how narrow in focus, attracted interest and, often enough, VC funding. The net result was a myriad of XML tools - really XML gadgets - that tried to address a large number of overlapping small problems. As a rule, all the GUI tools vied for the .xml (or .dtd, .xsd, .xsl, etc.) file extensions and interoperated poorly with other software. Let's take a quick inventory of XML tools on my work computer: six XML document editors, two schema editors, three XSLT stylesheet ... (more)

Web Services Directions

It's been a long time since the last XML in Transit column. Did you miss my musing on Web services? I doubt it. More likely, you were busy keeping up with all the new initiatives in the Web services space. Those of you with corporate responsibilities were probably wondering how to get some real ROI out of Web services. The more entrepreneurial of you were thinking how to make money in this new world. I too have been trying to organize my thoughts. This is going be the first in a series of articles that go beyond the basic SOAP/WSDL/UDDI Web services stack to cover the innovation ... (more)

Web Services Startups

You must have seen them - they're everywhere. Despite the market climate, Web services startups are popping up like mushrooms after rain. With no time to lose, these companies are readying themselves to take on the industry gorillas. Who's going to win? Much has been written about the evolution of the Web services industry, particularly with respect to the big players like Microsoft and IBM. We've all been told countless times how Web services are good for established platform vendors ranging from application server companies to integration and process management vendors. One in... (more)